Wrestler Nyla Rose Revives Thunderbird for Marvel Comics X-Men


In yesterday’s X-Men: The Trial of Magneto, the addition of magic to Krakoa’s resurrection protocols allowed Cerebro to save mutants much further back in time, and the Five to revive mutants previously lost to them. Including John Proudstar, the first X-Man to die – and stay dead.

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #5

Now Marvel Comics is releasing Giant Size: Thunderbird #1 in April, to be written by All Elite Wrestling performer Nyla Rose as well as a writer Steve Orlando and First Nations artist David Cutler.

Wrestler Nyla Rose Revives Thunderbird for Marvel Comics X-Men
Giant Size: Thunderbird #1

Together, the trio will tackle the ramifications of Thunderbird’s recent resurrection while preparing it for a bright future on Krakoa and beyond. The world John Proudstar has returned to is completely different from the one he once knew. Seeking refuge in the familiar, Thunderbird searches for someone from his past on an Apache reservation… and uncovers a terrifying threat to the native mutant community. Can Thunderbird save his people? Or will his justified rage lead him astray?

“Finally, the news is out! GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: THUNDERBIRD is coming, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it! But this book wouldn’t exist without the incredible work of Nyla Rose and David. Cutler , who join me on this blockbuster to tell a Thunderbird story that is as raw, real and gripping as possible,” said Orlando. “With their invaluable help, we take Thunderbird on a two-fingered quest to reunite with his family and carve out a place for himself in this brave new era of Krakoan. The world has changed while Thunderbird has been away. Threats may have become more complex, but Thunderbird is always sure that there is no problem it cannot solve with its own hands.”

Wrestler Nyla Rose Revives Thunderbird for Marvel Comics X-Men

Design variant cover by DAVID CUTLER
On sale 4/27

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