Will BTS be part of DC’s Webtoon digital comics deal?


It’s BTS time! Yesterday, DC Comics and Webtoon announced that they are getting into bed together for a new line of Webtoon digital comics featuring DC characters. This has now taken a notch higher, as Korean production company HYBE joins the new deal to develop what they call “large-scale” stories, according to the CEO of Webtoon. Kim Jun-koo, which means among other things BTS comics. Webtoon already runs a BTS digital comic book series called Save Me, but this news has been interpreted by everyone on the internet, to mean that a DC Comics / BTS digital comic crossover is coming soon.

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“We called this project Super Casting because we believe that only the best company in the industry can start another top business from a different industry,” Kim said. “I believe the ‘super’ IP is a result, but not a goal. You can’t try to create a super IP; you can’t know it’s a great IP if it gets super successful. IPs, that ‘s. that’s why we choose the world’s No. 1 companies as partners. ” Other HYBE groups that could potentially see themselves translated via the DC Comics line if such a wish is granted include Seventeen, TXT, ENHYPEN, NU’EST, and Zico, but it’s BTS that seems to have garnered the fever and attention. from the Internet. now … if you ever wanted to see Jungkook like Nightwing, now is your time.

Two years ago, Webtoon was the world’s most popular comic book publisher, and its size and reach have grown significantly since then, averaging 72 million monthly active users, of which around ten million are in the States. United, and its serialized, vertically scrolling webcomics are available in the free Webtoon app to download for Android and iOS, or through the publisher’s website. Webtoon has also launched in the United States and has offices in Los Angeles, currently recruiting talented editors and pilots. Usually the first few chapters are free, with paid episodes beyond. While many creators have come to fruition only on Webtoon, others recognized in other markets include Linda Sejic and Justin Jordan.

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