Who is Kamran in Ms. Marvel and Marvel Comics? Details about actor Rish Shah

Kamala Khan has a lot going for her in Disney+ Ms. Marvel. She has superpowers that were activated by a pair of bracelets once belonging to a mysteriously estranged parent, she must figure out how to be both a superhero and a devoted daughter to her parents, and she has to deal with all the regular teenage drama that comes with high school, like being quiet while popular girl Zoe gets Kamala’s full attention by secretly rescuing her. On top of all that, she has a crush on Kamran, a new kid in her school.

Kamala first meets Kamran in the school cafeteria, where she sees Zoe invite her to her party. After convincing Bruno and Nakia to go with her, they all hang out at the pool party, which is quickly shut down by the cops. Before either of them gets caught, Kamran takes them in his car, and he and Kamala can finally hang out and bond over their surprising shared interest in Bollywood.

Sounds like the start of a great teenage love story, doesn’t it? It might be. But Kamran has an air of mystery around him. After Kamala dons her superhero outfit to save a child, Damage Control chases after her, and who’s already waiting for the perfect getaway car? That’s right: Kamran, with his mother. There may be more to Kamala’s crush than meets the eye.

So who is Kamaran? Is it from Ms. Marvel comics? And what role could his character play in the rest of the season? Scroll down to learn more.

Who is Kamran in the Ms. Marvel Comics?

Marvel Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Overwritten

We meet Kamran for the first time in Ms. Marvel Flight. 3. In the comics, her parents are old friends of Kamala’s parents, which is how the two teenagers know each other. The night Kamran and his family return to Jersey City after years away, it is the same night that a mysterious mist (called the Terrigen Mist) falls on the city and activates both his and Kamala’s inhuman powers. .

When Kamala uses her powers to fight the villainous Kaboom, Kamran witnesses her change and reveals that he has powers as well. it can store and emit biokinetic energy, which can shock people or cause objects to explode. But rather than become a vigilante superhero like Kamala, Kamran is recruited by Lineage, an inhuman crime boss. Despite her efforts to recruit Kamala, Kamran realizes that she wants to protect humans rather than harm them. He quickly becomes an enemy of Kamala and Bruno, and at one point even kidnaps Kamala’s brother Aamir.

Who plays Kamran in Ms. Marvel?

Kamran is played by Rish Shah in the Disney+ TV adaptation of the comics. Shah is an up-and-coming actor whose most recent and well-known role before Ms. Marvel was like Ravi in ​​Netflix To all the boys: always and forever.

Talk with ScreenRant, the actor said he was thrilled to hear he got the role of Kamran on the show. “[I was in] London and my team were in Los Angeles,” he says. “They woke me up and I was screaming with joy; woke up everyone in my family. My mom shouted over the phone to my team, thanking them for making this possible for me. Then I just celebrated with all my loved ones; everyone near me to.

We’ll have to see if Kamran’s villain arc resembles that of his comic counterpart in future episodes of Ms. Marvel. Check out our broadcast schedule so you don’t miss a thing.

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