Which Comic Creators Were Thanked In Wonder Woman 1984


Wonder Woman 1984 launched on streaming in the US yesterday – which allowed me to get the comic book creator credits list and avoid getting jumped on my security guards when I saw it in the IMAX a few weeks ago. So who was thanked and for what? William Moulton Marston gets the “created by” credit, thanks to 1940s lawyers, but there were “special thanks” to a number of other comic book creators. But why?

Screenshot: Wonder Woman 1984
  • Alex Ross – designer of the Kingdom Come armor used by Asteris and adopted by Wonder Woman in the film.
  • Marc Waid – author of the Kingdom Come comic which features the armor used by Asteris.
  • JM Dematteis – author of the Justice League comic which featured Maxwell Lord.
  • garden fox – EC comics co-creator of the character, Moon Girl. But also write about 1963’s Justice League Of America #19, which first featured Dr. Destiny’s Dreamstone, which would later appear in Sandman.
  • Ramona Fradon – only drew one story for wonder woman in an ’80s annual that featured a machine that brings dreams and fears to life, but recently drew the character using his lasso on Donald Trump to get him to tell the truth. Could this cartoon have inspired Wonder Woman’s attitude towards Ronald Reagan in the film? She has also worked on The brave and the daring with Bob Haney.
  • Keith Giffen – author of the Justice League comic which featured Maxwell Lord.
  • Bob Haney – author of The Brave And The Bold and featured Wonder Girl in Teen Titans.
  • Phil Jimenez – wrote/drawn a comic from 2001-2003 and co-wrote The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia with John Wells.
  • Kevin Maguire – Justice League comic artist who featured Maxwell Lord.
  • moral rags – drew a first series written by Greg Rucka.
  • George Fatherz – revived the character in 1987, incorporated her godlike storylines, set Paradise Island as Themyscyria, created a new Cheetah.
  • Harry G. Peter – co-creator of Wonder Woman, artist in her first appearance but not part of the original deal and therefore not part of the “Wonder Woman created by” credit.
  • Greg Potter, writer/co-plotter with George Perez on the 1987 relaunch.
  • Greg Rucka – wrote the OMAC Project series which had Wonder Woman confront Maxwell Lord and kill him. Character relaunch for DC Rebirth which rebooted his origin.
  • jesus saiz – drew the OMAC project series.
  • Nicholas Scott – Relaunch wonder woman for DC Rebirth which rebooted its origin.
  • Len Wein – succeeded Greg Pitter after wonder woman #2. Also co-creator of the Barbara Minerva version of Cheetah.
  • The Marston family – it should be noted that the character was created out of the book with his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston and inspired by their lover Olive Byrne.
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