What are the “Fortnite X Marvel” comics and when are they coming out?

fans of fortnite and Marvel are eagerly awaiting the imminent release of the two franchises’ second collaborative title, Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War, should hit the shelves at your local comic book store and various other distributors on June 8th. If you’re a fan and haven’t attended the companies previous outing ⏤ Fortnite X Marvel: Nexus War: Thor ⏤ but you still want to wade, don’t worry. We have what you need.

Marvel first collided with Epic Games fortnite video game franchise in 2020 with the release by Marvel of Fortnite X Marvel: Nexus War: Thora comic that was part of the concepts introduced in Chapter 2: 3 of the season Fortnite: Battle royal in-game story. Thor, then King of Asgard, has made a deal to act as the herald of Galactus the World Eater to defend the world against an even greater threat known as Black Winter. A cosmic rift occurs between the universes, allowing for a crossover that takes place not only in comic book continuity, but in the game universe itself.

After Thor attempts to stop Galactus from absorbing zero point energies ⏤ a seemingly inexhaustible source of energy ⏤, he finds himself thrown into Apollo, the island setting of Fortnite Battle Royale where he is, as usually happens in a battle royale-style game, immediately downed. The Asgardian begins to react to the aggression in kind, fighting with Brite Bomber, Kit, Jonesy, Raven, Lynx, and Peely, eventually responding much like a player in the game would, and losing his memory as Apollo begins to shape it in the universes. ‘ reality.

When Galactus arrives, determined to devour the world like he has so many others, Thor uses Asgardian magic to summon the heroes of his world to come to the planet’s defense. It brings together an array of the world’s most powerful heroes and then some, calling on Avengers such as Iron Man, Captain America and She-Hulk, as well as X-Men such as Wolverine and Storm, and Groot and Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He even gets “help” from a villain or two, like Mystique and Doctor Doom.

However, the heroes and villains all find themselves victims of Apollo’s amnesiac energies and soon find themselves joining the battle royale – which conveniently explains that character skins are part of the fortnite reality and gameplay of the game and serves as an introduction for Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2: Season 4.

And now you’re fast enough to dive into the next chapter of the crossover, Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. (We’ll let you play through the fortnite material by yourself if you want). The upcoming miniseries will follow the Marvel Comics superheroes inhabiting the mysterious Island of Apollo, including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and Shuri locked in what appears to be an endless battle on the island when they discover that a shard of the Zero Point exists in the world and may have the potential to turn the tide of battle permanently. Marvel Heroes Team Up With Several Fan Favorites fortnite characters in order to track down the so-called Zero Shard and avert disaster.

The miniseries will run for five issues and will be written by comic book writer Christos Gage, author of Spider-Geddon and Avengers Academy. Spanish artist Sergio Davila, known for his work on Captain Marvel and Black Knight, will handle interior art duties for the series, and Leinil Francis Yu will do the main cover. Marvel also plans to release several additional artist cover variations.

Each of the five issues will contain a redeemable code that readers can use to unlock a bonus digital cosmetic in fortnite. Marvel Unlimited subscribers with a registered account who have read all five issues will be able to unlock an additional code. According to apptrigger.com, the refundable cosmetics are:

  • #1 – Outfit
  • #2 – Distort
  • #3 – Pickaxe
  • #4 – Spray
  • #5 – Loading Screen

The Marvel Unlimited bonus code can be redeemed for an additional outfit. There’s been no word yet on how each of the cosmetics will look.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War will begin airing on June 8. It can be acquired at Marvel Unlimited or your local friendly neighborhood comic book store. fortnite players can find the books in the in-game Item Shop a week after the release date.

Lisa M. Horner