The Story of Hercules in Marvel Comics

While Herc follows a heroic path, that hasn’t stopped him from forming rivalries (friendly and otherwise) with Thor, Namor, Atlas, and even his half-brother, Ares. The son of Zeus rarely turns down the chance to prove his might, but that doesn’t mean he won’t welcome his rivals as friends when it comes time to share a few drinks and stories at the local tavern.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hercules, the Prince of Power. Many of these stories are also at your fingertips if you subscribe to Marvel Unlimited.


The first thing you need to know is that Marvel’s Hercules is a close adaptation of the Hercules of myth and legend. As such, almost everything you’ve heard about Hercules is true. He performed the twelve labors and Herc established such a reputation for heroism that his name is still remembered today. Sadly, the stories of his life marred by tragedy are also true. He married his first wife, Megara, and had children with her before unwittingly murdering them while he was out of control with his bloodlust.

This event was revisited in HERCULES (2005) #5, and the death of his family left Herc with massive guilt that he never fully let go of. In this issue, the spirit of his late wife, Megara, offered Hercules the forgiveness he was waiting for. But whether Hercules can ever truly forgive himself is a question only he can answer.

Lisa M. Horner