The best comic creators unite for Ukraine

SAN DIEGO – Several leading comic book creators are joining forces and collaborating on their work to create “Comics for Ukraine.”

The idea came from IDW editor Scott Dunbier, who says he couldn’t believe the devastation that was happening overseas.

“I started calling friends of mine, like, Alex Ross who did this beautiful cover, Walter Simonson who is well known for doing Thor,” he said.

Dunbier says everyone was on board and didn’t hesitate to create something for the comic instead had to turn people away now that the book has exceeded its original page count.

“The comic book community, they really rally behind causes,” Dunbier said.

Mark Evanier, a comic book writer, known for his work on the animated television series Garfield and Groo the Wanderer also contributed to the book.

“It took about four seconds to decide to do it,” Evanier said.

Evanier says he feels good in this comic.

“We draw silly pictures, sometimes we write silly stories and it’s good that you feel the money went to a good cause,” Evanier said.

Comic for Ukraine raises funds for Operation USA, an organization that Evanier suggested to Dunbier.

“It’s a very small charity, they have six staff, very low overhead and all the money goes directly to those in need, and so in this case Ukrainian refugees,” Dunbier said.

During a panel titled “Comics for Ukraine”, Zoop, the crowd-sourcing platform, helped raise funds for comics. The organization was able to present a check for $100,000 to Operation USA.

The fundraiser raised over $157,000 with over 1,266 supporters.

Lisa M. Horner