SNEAK PEEK: Marvel Comics ALIEN #1 Preview (On Sale 9/7!)

This week STRANGER #1 finds writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson continuing his daring contributions to the world of ALIEN in an all-new comic series featuring the incredible and terrifying work of rising star Julius Ohta

ALIEN #1 will launch a new saga that will serve as the perfect entry point into the legendary horror/sci-fi franchise for newcomers and a must-read for long-time fans. Filled with exciting revelations and new insights into the ALIEN mythos, this new chapter promises to further explore the impactful themes Johnson presented in the title’s first era as a new cast of characters must go deep into xenomorph territory. for a chance to fight human extinction. .

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Travis Charest variant cover:

Carlos Magno variant cover:

Travis Charest 40th Anniversary PX DCD Blank Ink Variant:

Ryan Brown 1:50 Incentive Variant Coverage:



A small colony of synths has secretly settled on a swampy moon. When a company of United System soldiers asks them for help in retrieving biotechnology from a hostile planet that could be the key to saving humanity, the Synths must decide whether the prospect of peace between man and machine is worth the risk of betrayal.

Creative team

  • Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
  • Artist: Julius Ohta
  • Colorist: YenNitro
  • Designate: Jay Bowen
  • Publisher(s): James Thomas
  • Standard Cover Artist(s): Bjorn Barends
  • Variant Cover Artist(s): Carlos Magno; Travis Charest; Ryan Brown
  • Format: Ongoing series
  • Number of pages/Cover price: 28 pages/$3.99

A new chapter in the Alien story begins this week when STRANGER #1 hits shelves and digital platforms on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, from Marvel Comics.

SNEAK PEEK: Marvel Comics ALIEN #1 Preview (On Sale 9/7!)

Author: Chad Burdette

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