Sabretooth vows revenge on the X-Men in new Marvel Comics premiere

Sabretooth returns in February in a brand new series from Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk, and he swears revenge on the X-Men.

Disclaimer: Contains preview images for Saber tooth # 1!

In a first look at Saber tooth # 1, the ferocious mutant swears revenge on the X Men, who banished him to the depths of Krakoa as punishment for taking a human life. Cleansing in Mutant Hell, Sabretooth plots his revenge against Professor X, Magneto, and the rest of Krakoa, and now he’s ready to act. The first issue will go on sale in print and digital on February 2.

Although better known now as one of Wolverine’s greatest enemies, Sabretooth actually first appeared in the 1977s. Iron Fist # 14, created by the legendary team of Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The duo wanted Sabretooth to be an Iron Fist villain, but later when the character was revealed to be a mutant, he joined the Marauders and clashed several times with the X-Men. It was revealed during this time that Sabretooth and Wolverine had a history together. Both have accelerated healing factors and both served in the mysterious Weapon X program. When Professor X and Magneto helped found the mutant nation of Krakoa, Sabretooth was taken in, along with all of the mutants; However, his natural instincts took over and he killed humans on a mission. For this act, the Silent Council banished Sabretooth deep within Krakoa. But Sabretooth did not go quietly, swearing revenge on those who wronged him and that he will appear in a new series from writer Victor LaValle and artist Leonard Kirk.


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In a preview of wonder, the publisher revealed the covers for the issue as well as the preview pages, shared below. The preview informs readers about Sabretooth’s punishment, showing both his trial and his banishment. During his trial, readers hear his thoughts on his mutant companions – and he doesn’t like any of them, perhaps except Apocalypse. Readers then see vines dragging Sabretooth into the depths of Krakoa. He swears revenge on them all, saying he’ll be free in no time.

Sabretooth variant 1 blanket

Saber tooth 1 overview page 2

Saber tooth 1 overview page 3

Saber tooth 1 overview page 4

The preview ends there, leaving readers in suspense until February as to how Sabretooth will break free from exile, but when he does, no one on the Silent Council is safe. Sabretooth’s return couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the foundations of Krakoa begin to crack and various factions begin to emerge. Destiny’s recent return has driven an even deeper wedge into mutant society as it threatens to reveal dark secrets about Krakoa that Professor X and Magneto have kept from the rest of the X-Men. How will Sabretooth take into account these rapidly growing divisions in Krakow society? Who will he line up with? Will he get his revenge on the Quiet Council? Or will the growing dissatisfaction somehow force him to work with the Silent Council? Sabretooth’s return is bad news not only for the X-Men, but for Krakoa as a whole.

Banished at the start of the Krakoan era, Saber tooth is now back, seeking revenge on Professor X and the rest of the X Men, which literally sent him to hell.

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