Norrin Radd Rises Again in First Look at Marvel Comics’ New ‘Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1’ (Exclusive)

Ever since Marvel Comics’ Silver Surfer first appeared on the pages of “Fantastic Four #48” in 1966, the cosmic herald of the planet-swallowing entity Galactus has remained one of the coolest and coolest characters around. the most beloved in the Marvel Universe.

Created by legendary artist Jack “King” Kirby, the metallic-skinned humanoid also known as Norrin Radd was once an up-and-coming astronomer from the planet Zenn-La who became the demigod’s mighty alien minion.

Now in a decades-long creative reunion, the Sentinel of the Spaceways is back in a new Marvel series from writer Ron Marz and artist Ron Lim, who both previously teamed up for a “Silver Surfer” run. acclaimed in the ’90s. …and has an exclusive first look at the first issue alongside commentary from its veteran creators.

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“Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1” lands January 19, 2022 with a new sci-fi story set in Marz and Lim’s memorable series released over 25 years ago. The five-issue limited series will revisit their original “Silver Surfer” tales around the Mad Titan, Thanos, and the coveted Infinity Gems.

In this new miniseries, the Reality Gem has been stolen and the culprit has resurrected the dead superhero called Captain Mar-Vell. Silver Surfer must unite with Thanos to locate the missing gem and realign reality to its baseline before more damage is done. has connected with Marz and Lim to learn more about this triumphant return of “Silver Surfer” and what fans can expect when the series launches in 2022.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics) What’s it like getting the band together for this new Silver Surfer?

Ron Marz: It really feels like no time has passed. It’s been 30 years since I started writing Surfer, which when I say it out loud like that, seems impossible. But here we are. I was just a kid figuring out how to do the job, so being paired up with Ron at my first gigs was a big help as I learned the trade. Now we can start all over again.

Ron Lim: It’s fantastic ! I haven’t worked with Ron for a while, so it was a pleasure to work with him again. I’m having fun. What sort of iteration of the classic 21st century character can readers expect and what inspired you to sign up for the project?

Mark: Ron and I do our surfer a lot. The new series takes place during our run on the book, even though it’s really a standalone story. You don’t need to have read anything before, you can jump right in. I hope Ron and I are better at our craft now, so we’re bringing that to the table. It’s classic Surfer, classic Thanos, classic Cosmic Marvel. The opportunity to team up with Ron again on a character that means a lot to both of us was too tempting to pass up.

Lim: Well, this story takes place during our original run on the Silver Surfer, so it will be the same Surfer that readers of our run know so well. I jumped at the chance to work on the Surfer again, especially with Ron writing it. I love the Surfer and his supporting characters, and since I haven’t really drawn them for so long, I really wanted to tell a new story with these characters.

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(Image credit: Marvel Comics) Why has Silver Surfer remained such an iconic force in the Marvel Universe and what defines your version of the Sentinel of the Space Lanes?

Mark: There is great flexibility for the Surfer. He can be a main character or a secondary character, he can be quite alien or a reflection of humanity. You can tell so many different stories with him. I think Ron and I hit it somewhere in the middle of all these interpretations, maybe a bit like Spock in “Star Trek,” who happens to be one of my favorite characters. Not quite human, but close enough to understand us very well, perhaps better than we understand ourselves.

Lim: I think the surfer is so iconic because he’s such a fascinating character. He has a tragic story but he is so noble. He is immensely powerful and tries to use this cosmic power for good. And visually, it is quite unique. My version of the Surfer? I make it extra shiny, haha.

Enjoy this three-page preview featuring illustrations by Ron Lim with inks by Jon Ho and colors by Israel Silva. Marvel’s “Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1” hits comic book stores on January 19.

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Lisa M. Horner