‘Moon Knight’ Episodes Hide Free ‘Werewolf by Night’ Marvel Comics for Viewers to Access

The latest Marvel series is now streaming on Disney+,”Moon Knight“, took the Easter egg to a whole new level.

More than just references to characters, story, and deep nods to the vast realm of Marvel comics, “Moon Knight” also hides QR codes in every episode.

QR codes aren’t just for show; eagle-eyed viewers who spot and scan them get access to this week’s digital comic that inspired the series.

twitter user LENNIEC0N revealed that the most recent episode (episode two) of “Moon Knight”, for example, has a QR code on the storage locker that Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) visits. This QR code leads to a wonder page where readers can catch up night werewolf #33, which featured Moon Knight’s second comic appearance.

The first episode included a QR code which led to night werewolf #32. Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, and was featured in this issue.

More than just a way to get viewers better acquainted with Moon Knight’s origins, the weekly comic’s Easter egg also serves as a primer for the next one. night werewolf special for Disney+. We can expect new episodes to hide more QR codes than viewers can find, but the question remains whether the remaining episodes will feature any other ties to the upcoming special.

“Moon Knight” was developed by Jeremy Slater (“The Exorcist”).

Mohammad Diab (Shock) serves as director and showrunner, with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution, Spring, V/H/S: Viral, The Endless, Synchronic) also realizing. Ethan Hawke plays the main villain of the series.

New episodes of “Moon Knight” are released every Wednesday.

Lisa M. Horner