Marvel Comics’ Spider-Verse Comes To A Big “Fiery End”

Variant cover for Edge of Spider-Verse #3, featuring Felicia Hardy as Night-Spider.

Picture: Kris Anka/Marvel Comics

Since 2014 Into the Spider-Verse the event brought together Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and his other alternate universe webswingers from across Marvel multiverse, web warriors frequently hang out with each other in the comics. 2018 saw the Spider-Geddon Event to coincide with the next Into the Spider-Verse movie, and now a third event will bring things to a grand conclusion. Where is he going…

Earlier in the week, Polygon revealed End of the spider verse, a new event from writer Dan Slott and a currently unknown artist that will supposedly bring the titular Spider-Verse to a “fiery conclusion,” according to a statement provided by the writer. “They could have milked that cash cow for decades,” he continued. “That said, if you want to do it, going full throttle in a blaze of glory is definitely the way to go!”

But before that happens later in the year, Slott and a rotating team of writers and artists will set the stage with a five-issue miniseries titled Edge of Spider-Verse released in August. Similar to how the original 2014 anthology introduced Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker to the world, this new series of Edge the comics will feature new Spider heroes: Felicia Hardy, aka “Night-Spider”, with design by Kris Anka; Mark Bagley’s Hunter-Spider, who is Kraven the Hunter but with spider-powers he obtained “in an unusual way”; and Martin Coccolo’s Spider-Laird, whom Slott dubs “the first kilted hero of the Spider-Verse,” and who will hopefully make a name for himself in the cosplay scene. Slott will co-write the issues alongside writers like Karla Pacheco (spider woman) and Alex Segura (Secret identity), featuring art by Mark Bagley and other currently undisclosed artists.

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Picture: Josemaria Casanovas/Marvel Comics

Since the multiverses are so hot right now, and spider worms in particular are about to get a resurgence, you can watch Edge and End of the spider verse as a good warm-up for the global weirdness on the horizon. But after battling and defeating multiversal vampires twice, the question now becomes: what will bring Peter Parker, Miles Morales and other Spider characters together to save their multiverse once again? This will be revealed in the pages of Edges second number.

Edge of Spider-Verse will begin its five-issue weekly series on August 3, while End of the spider verse currently has no official release date.

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Lisa M. Horner