Marvel Comics release date bumped up a bit

As part of the Disney & Marvel games showcase at D23 Expo 2022 today, Marvel Snap developers named Numberverse, Second Dinner and Marvel Entertainment announced the date for the next digital trading card game. For example, Marvel Snap is going to launch on October 3 in the global mobile and PC market. The title first released earlier this year.

We can’t stand the fantastic response from gamers around the world who can experience SNAP during the beta period this summer,” said Tom van Dam, Senior Director of Comics and Partnerships for Marvel Snap. The MARVEL SNAP introduces an all-new card battle game mode. Fans can’t take enough. Let’s wait until October 18 to develop their ultimate roster of heroes and villains and fight against each other.

If you don’t understand what the title means, players can collect and play Marvel-based cards in PvP, generating a total of 3 minutes. The cards feature a mix of classic art from Marvel history and original artwork, and each has its own unique ability. You can watch the gameplay in the trailer below.

“We’ve spent years working together to ensure that MARVEL SNAP is the kind of game everyone can attend, whether to play or not,” said Ben Brode, head of development and production at Second Dinner. “If you love fast, strategic, thunderous plays and the thrill of throwing powerful moves to stop your opponent at the last minute for the big game, you’ll definitely love MARVEL SNAP.”

As previously mentioned, Marvel Pictures will be rolling out to mobile devices and PC on October 18th. As soon as possible, interested players sign up for the digital trading card game. For D23 Expo 2022, you can view the full panel schedule on paper. You can check out all of our previous Marvel Snap coverage here.

What do you think of what we’ve seen from Marvel Snap lately? Are you expecting the worldwide release in October?

Lisa M. Horner