Marvel Comics is relaunching Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April 2022

Here’s what John Romita Jr. had to say about his own personal history with the character and what excites him most about the upcoming run: “Since my dad told my brother and me that Spider-Man/ Peter Parker lived near us in Queens, NYC, we were hooked! We talked about Spider Man on long drives to family reunions, and it was like we had an extra family member! Luckily, my brother Vic had the brains and went in another direction, while I had some art in me Luckily I got to see Spider-Man’s greatest artist, my dad John, work with the greatest Spider Man writer, Stan Lee, on the greatest character of all time. Luckily, after joining the comic book universe, I had the chance to work on this great character, the Amazing Spider-Man I was terrified How can I follow my father How can I follow any of the artists Spidey precedents? I had no idea, but I held on and got lucky. ss terrifying, and got more and more fun. There was one race in particular that was incredibly fun, but also incredibly important to me. The 9/11 problem may well be with me for as long as I live. A common thread with all the races was working with the brilliant writers and artists….. again, lucky!!”

“To take luck to another level: Marvel allowed me to get back to work on this amazing character and work with another brilliant writer, Zeb Wells! The stories are breathtaking and I read the scripts with a smile and a amazement….then I wonder how the hell do them justice!! Well luckily I have a close friend and a brilliant artist to help me do that Scott Hanna and I have worked on this character before and Scott is still a brilliant artist who will continue to be brilliant, lucky for me and everyone who looks at the art. In addition to Scott and myself, there is the third artist, the color artist, Marcio Menyz It’s hard to describe how wonderful his work is, so to save everyone’s space and patience, I’ll let it speak for itself! It’s breathtaking! The editorial team, starting with Nick Lowe, adding Lindsay Cohick and Kaeden McGahey, makes smoother work process. Judging by the breadth of Zeb’s stories, I can use all the help I can get! A commonality here is how lucky I am to get back to working on my “other” brother, Spider-Man, and being back with my professional “family”, Marvel. Thanks folks, I’ll work hard to make you proud!”

“I’ve waited my entire career to work with John Romita Jr.,” Wells says. “Teaming up with him on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN for the character’s 60th anniversary is so exciting words can’t describe it. We’re going to have a blast!”

And yes… what exactly did Peter Parker do?

What did Peter Parker do so bad for the Spider-Man revival?

Lisa M. Horner