Marvel Comics Changes Controversial Art After Pocahontas Critics

Marvel Comics has changed a character art of Conan after criticism of the new character led to a writer’s apology.

Warning! Trigger a warning for sexual violence.

Marvel Comics has changed the digital version of the art of King Conan #2 following criticism over a controversial portrayal of a character with a name tied to the Native American historical figure, Pocahontas. Last month, Marvel and writer Jason Aaron and artist Mahmud Asrar came under fire for naming an oversexualized character Princess Matoaka, a name linked to real-life Pocahontas.

While most readers might recognize the name Pocahontas from the Disney animated film of the same name, the fictionalized version of the real Native American figure was not as she was in the film. Instead, Pocahontas’ fictionalized story ignored her true relationship to John Smith, an English settler who impregnated her before she was 16. Given the dark history with the current Pocahontas, it was shocking to see a character with a name tied to the actual figure appear in King Conan #2, drawing criticism from Native American voices for its portrayal and over-sexualization.


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Jason Aaron and Marvel Comics issued an apology shortly after the ‘Pocahontas’ controversy erupted online, with the writer admitting he should have better understood the context and story behind the true meaning of the name ‘Princess’. Matoaka” while accepting criticism. He added that the character’s name and appearance would be changed in future issues and reprints – while he would donate what he was paid for the issue to the National Resource Center for Indigenous Women. Now it has been revealed what the character’s new appearance looks like. BleedingCool shared the character’s new look, which makes her controversial and oversexualized ensemble more fitting.

Critics regarding the character’s appearance should level off now that Marvel Comics has changed the controversial outfit given to “Princess Matoaka.” So what about the character’s controversial name? Well, that hasn’t been revealed yet, as his name hasn’t been shared in King Conan #2, but only in preview for King Conan #3. We’ll be sure to update this post when the new character name is revealed.

The controversy and valid criticism towards the character’s appearance and name shows the importance of having to listen to the voices of those who have issues with portrayals of characters related to their culture and history. In this case, without Native American voices calling attention to Pocahontas’ name and using their platforms to call out Marvel, it’s entirely possible that nothing will ever be done about the naming and appearance. unhappy with King Conan personage. Thankfully, the issue has been fixed and Marvel has apologized. Hopefully the same mistake won’t happen again in the future.

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