Marvel Comics Announces Avengers Forever Companion Vertical Infinity Comics Series!

Marvel Comics Announces Avengers Forever Companion Vertical Infinity Comics Series!

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New Infinity Comic ‘Avengers Forever’ Sets the Stage for the Avengers of the Multiverse

The 4-part vertical series written by Jason Aaron also follows the multiversal masters of evil.

New to the Marvel Unlimited app: Across all of creation, a war is waged, between the Multiversal Masters of Evil, a collection of the Multiverse’s greatest plagues, and the forces of Avenger Prime, who are leading an organized resistance against their destruction of the Avengers tower at the heart of God’s career.


Written by Jason Aaron, with art by all-star Kev Walker and colorist Dean White, AVENGERS FOREVER INFINITY COMIC ties into the current AVENGERS FOREVER series and expands on the Multiverse Avengers story currently playing out in tape stores. drawn. Before reading AVENGERS FOREVER #1, which hits Marvel Unlimited on March 28, readers should set the stage with AVENGERS FOREVER INFINITY COMIC #1 which also builds on Aaron’s acclaimed AVENGERS (2018). A vertical series in the Infinity Comics lineup, AVENGERS FOREVER INFINITY COMIC will take readers back to the dawn of time, when Doctor Doom’s Masters of Evil destroy the defenders of a world. But all hope is not yet lost.

Read new issues of the 4-part Infinity series weekly on the app and grab new issues of AVENGERS FOREVER (2021) from print and digital comic stores now.

Download the Marvel Unlimited app now for iOS or Android devices for more vertical comics from top Marvel creators. You’ll also have instant access to over 29,000 digital issues spanning 80 years of Marvel Comics…

As background, here are your original multiversal masters of evil.

This Infinity comic is available now.

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