John Romita Sr’s artwork on Marvel Comics origins up for auction


This was Marvel Comics’ very first commercial paperback, published by Simon & Schuster in 1974, and bringing together the first stories of Marvel’s most well-known characters at the time, destined for the book market. What a novelty! And it was John Romita father who painted the cover, supposed to be Stan lee typewriter… the original cover art is currently at Heritage Auctions, ranging under the hammer between Nov. 18-21 and currently has offers of $ 67,000. and is one of a batch of seriously enviable original artwork going through this system at this time.

And here’s what the post looked like. Looks like someone increased the contrast of printers …

Cover of John Romita Sr Origins of Marvel Comics up for auction

John Romita Sr. Origins of Marvel Comics Original Art Cover (Simon & Schuster, 1974). Iconic cover of Marvel’s first Fireside Book and first commercial paperback! Stan Lee’s beloved book was so successful that it spawned annual sequels that have become staples of any Marvel fan’s collection. If you liked the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange or Hulk, you might have read their first and last stories, all in this one book! And it could be found in both bookstores and libraries, which was a rarity for anything comic book at the time. And who better to provide the art for this cover than the legendary comic book artist Romita, providing a rarely seen painting, forgoing her usual pen and ink creations. This image holds a special place in the hearts of countless comic book fans – a piece that embodies what Marvel Comics means to readers! Gouache over graphite and blue pencil on drawing board with an image area of ​​14.5 “x 21.5”. Slight bend, figures are original art collages, Thing’s collage is discolored, residue stains, duct tape and abrasions in the margins, with abrasion above Thing. Ding in upper right corner, crease in lower left corner, with burrs / handling wear. In very good conditions.

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