Is Eleanor Bishop a villain on Hawkeye?

The following story contains spoilers through Episode 5 of Hawk Eye.

With one remaining episode of Hawk Eye, there’s already a lot of in-game talk that needs to be wrapped up (or used that maybe will be used as a match for future Marvel projects). Clint has both Yelena (played by the charming Florence Pugh) and Maya (played by newcomer Alaqua Cox) trying to kill him, and always has no idea when he will be home for Christmas. We have no idea what the Rolex he’s after actually means, or if his wife Laura is more than she seems. And that’s not even mentioning Kate’s problems.

Throughout the limited series, her primary focus has been to expose her mother’s fiancé, Jack, as a crime boss and cold-blooded murderer. But in episode 5 of Hawk Eye, Kate’s world is turned upside down. First, Jack is arrested after his mother reviews his taxes and discovers that he is funding a criminal enterprise. A victory. To the right?

Well, that’s until Kate receives a mysterious message from Yelena. While researching who hired her, Yelena reveals that it wasn’t Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s Val (who seems to have simply recruited her for the job), but Eleanor Bishop herself. Oh, and she’s standing next to the guy we’ve been waiting for all season: the Center pivot.

Turns out, Kate’s mom has a lot more going for her than we first thought. But does it trace who Eleanor Bishop is in the comics? In fact, his past is meaner than you might imagine.

Here’s everything we know about Eleanor Bishop.


Who is Eleanor Bishop?

So first, in the comics, the bishops don’t run a security company, but a large publishing house. Bishop Publishing ultimately serves as the basis for the Young Avengers, of which Kate is a member. Kate’s parents, Eleanor and Bishop, run the business together while raising their two children, Susan and Kate. Yeah, in the comics, Kate has a sister.

Over time, Eleanor and Derek’s relationship becomes strained, and she is likely killed when she travels to Boulder, Colorado, leaving Derek to raise their two daughters alone. In reality, her “death” was an attempted murder by her own husband. In retaliation, Eleanor teams up with an unlikely character: the villainous Madame Masque (the main villain of writer Matt Fraction’s novel Hawk Eye run, on which the Disney+ series is largely based). And she’s also a half-vampire desperate for a cure. It’s strange, we know.

Is Eleanor Bishop bad?

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Good question. In the comics, she reveals to Kate that she joined Madame Masque to get revenge on her husband, not realizing that Madame Masque and Derek were already working together. In her quest for redemption, Eleanor lost herself and her relationship with her daughters. Disgusted, Kate turns her back on Eleanor, who warns Kate not to trust her father.

In Hawk Eye, Eleanor’s affiliations seem clearer. She has more than enough reason to become a villain, seeing how her husband was killed when the Avengers fought off an alien Chitauri invasion in 2012. And in a superhero world, running a big security company probably has some links with an underground criminal network.

Eleanor’s fiancé, Jack, could also be in the game. Although we’ve seen the police arrest her for her connections to Sloan, it’s possible that Eleanor staged everything to get Kate off their trail and used Jack as a pawn for her nefarious activities. And that’s not to mention all the stuff she does with Kingpin (a major villain in any form of the Marvel Universe, played here by Vincent D’Onofrio, who previously played the character in Marvel’s daredevil on Netflix). Whatever the truth, we’ll find out in Hawk Eye final, which will premiere on December 22.

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