Hulk is on a collision course with Thor

Writer Donny Cates shows that the Hulk can be even scarier and has a crash course against the thunder god Thor.

Donny Cates is a leading comic book writer. You may know him from his iconic series of Venom and later in king in black. Cates had the nearly impossible task of replacing after Al Ewing’s series of Immortal Hulk. If anyone can do it, it’s Donny Cates. Cates follows him perfectly. We know the Jade Giant is a threat, but here’s where we learn Bruce Banner is just as bad.

Bruce Banner transformed the monster into a spaceship that controls the Hulk’s rage with a change of gears. The gears go from 1 to 10. As each level goes up, Hulk sees someone he hates or is afraid of. The more he hates what he sees, the stronger he becomes.

In the most recent issue, we see something even more terrifying than any Jade Giant interaction. He has become a 30-foot-tall black titan that shoots beams from his eyes. Or, as was portrayed in the comics, he became a Hulk on his own.

Eventually, Bruce Banner regained control of the situation and brought the Hulk back to one. The next thing to do was to leave this Earth in his spaceship. Before that happened, Hulk looked up and saw a familiar weapon. It’s Thor’s hammer coming straight at his face. Of course, none of the personalities are happy with this view.

Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War

Note that the title is Banner and not his monster side. This shows that Bruce Banner will be responsible for this battle with Thor.

Every time these two have fought, the ground literally shakes. Hulk just battled a crowded version of Spider-Man and monstrous, creepy versions of Abomination. It was just the warm-up act. He and Thor could end up having the battle of the year.

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Lisa M. Horner