Hulk and Thor’s Ragnarok Fight Gets Revenge in Marvel Comics

Thor: Ragnarok’s fight between Thor and Hulk is one of the most memorable scenes in the film and now they get a rematch in the comics.

Warning: contains preview images for Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War Alpha!

In 2017 Thor: Ragnarok, Thor fought the Pontoon in a spectacular gladiatorial combat match, and as a preview for Hulk vs. Thor: Alpha War Banner, the two titans are heading for a rematch in Marvel Comics. The upcoming miniseries, released to help celebrate the two 60 charactersand birthdays, will see Hulk, now in his ultra-powerful Starship Hulk mode, face off against the God of Thunder. The first issue will go on sale in print and digital on April 27.

Thor: Ragnarok is a beloved entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A key plot point in this film was a gladiatorial match between Thor and Hulk, orchestrated by the Grandmaster on Sakaar; Hulk had been the Grandmaster’s champion for the previous two years, defeating many powerful warriors. Thor and Hulk worked together to not only outsmart the Grandmaster, but also to stop Hela from destroying all of creation. The film is epic and memorable scenes such as Thor and Hulk’s fight endured for fans. Now Donny Cates, who is currently writing both the ongoing Thor and Hulk series, will bring the two together for another showdown – and now Thor must face Starship Hulk – the most powerful form of the Jade Giant yet. Cates will be joined by illustrator Martin Coccolo for Banner of War: Alpha #1; the book will feature a cover by legendary Hulk illustrator Gary Frank.


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The illiterate preview shared below shows Starship Hulk and Thor locked in battle in an arena on a distant world. A ragtag group of aliens, including Uatu the Watcher (who eats popcorn) cheer on the fighters. The fight rages back and forth, with neither Hulk nor Thor seeming to have the upper hand.

Thor and Hulk fight in an alien arena

Thor and Hulk fight in an alien arena

Thor and Hulk fight in an alien arena

The preview didn’t contain any dialogue, or context for why Thor fights the Hulk. It does, however, evoke memories of their epic showdown in Thor: Ragnarok, only now, Thor battles what might be the most powerful version of the Hulk yet, a Hulk whose Banner body is molded into a living spaceship fueled by anger and rage. So far, Starship Hulk has cleared every obstacle in its path; in one memorable instance, he completely obliterated an extra-dimensional team of heroes, shredding them as if they were tissue paper. Thor himself recently received power upgrades, and he’ll need them for the upcoming fight. Thor has proven more than a match for Hulk in the past, and Hulk has taken Thor to the mat several times; now two of Marvel’s mightiest heroes are about to fall again.

Thor: Ragnarokit’s The epic clash between Thor and Hulk was one of the most memorable scenes in the movie and the entire MCU, and now the two have a rematch in a preview of Pontoon vs. Thor: Banner of War: Alpha.

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