Hulk and Thor to have “craziest fight Marvel Comics has ever seen” in 2022

Donny Cates is known for the layered storytelling and overlapping elements between his Marvel comic book titles – and in 2022 he’s interweaving his two current Marvel Comics books, Thor and Pontoon.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we would like to offer a slight caveat about the adult language Cates uses to express his thoughts.

Hulk Blanket # 1 (Image credit: Ryan Ottley / Frank Martin (Marvel Comics))

“You know, next year is Thor and Hulk’s birthday. It’s like the 60th or something of the two characters’ birthday. And there hasn’t been a writer writing these two books at the same time. from Stan [Lee]”Cates said in an interview with the KLC press sub-stack.

Cates says he would be “remiss” if he didn’t “take this opportunity to do the craziest fucking fight Marvel Comics has ever seen.”

Cates also said that some elements of his previous Marvel stories will return to his Hulk run as well – including the moment Tony Stark transformed a celestial into Iron Man armor.

“Remember in King in black, when Tony Stark rode a dragon into a celestial body and took it over and became an Iron Celestial? Well Tony still has it.

“And he’s working on it,” Cates adds.

Hulk clip (Image credit: Ryan Ottley (Marvel Comics))

While he brings elements from his previous Venom run, Cates says his approach to the Hulk is very different from this book – in fact, it’s more similar to Mark Waid’s Daredevil.

Hulk Clip # 1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“Things are going to look really weird and really angry for a while and if you’re just patient with me you’ll see what we’re actually doing,” Cates writes. “I’m going to fuck Gonzo hard with this. The closest tone would be Next wave. This is fucking ridiculous. It’s so stupid, big and mean. This is fucking crazy. “

Hulk # 1 goes on sale on November 24, with a collection of the first arc – titled Donny Cates Hulk Volume 1 – scheduled for May 31, 2022.

2022 is not only the 60th anniversary of Thor and the Hulk – it’s also the 60th for Ant-Man, Doctor Doom, Jane Foster, and more.

Lisa M. Horner