The second part of the three-issue VENOMWORLD arc continues in VENOM #12. Following the shocking revelations of VENOM #10, Eddie and Dylan Brock’s journey takes a sharp turn as they must come to terms with the events that have unfolded. Dylan is still at Bedlam’s mercy as Eddie makes his way through the cosmos, discovering more about the symbiotes than ever before and the SLEEPER symbiote is back in the fray with a deadly new look…

Comic Watch Review: Venom #11: The Monster Contained Within

Variant cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer and Dave McCaig:

Variant cover of JP Mayer and Frank Martin Miracleman:

Tyler Kirkman Variant Cover and Virgin Variant Cover:


“VENOMWORLD” continues!

After the shocking events of VENOM #11, not only is Dylan Brock’s physical body in such dire condition that he may never recover, but so is his Codex.

After a Hail Mary decision made by the Venom symbiote’s latest issue, Dylan is about to see the sides of the symbiosis, the Klyntar, and maybe even his father he never even imagined!

Creative team

  • Writer: Aries V
  • Penciller: Bryan Hitch
  • Inking: Andrew Currie
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Letterer & Production: VC’s Clayton Cowles
  • Designate: Anthony Gambin
  • Publisher(s): Devin Lewis
  • Associate Editor: Tom Groneman
  • Standard Cover Artist(s): Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair
  • Variant Cover Artist(s): Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer and Dave McCaig; JP Mayer and Frank Martin; Tyler Kirkman
  • Format: Ongoing series
  • Number of pages/Cover price: 28 pages/$3.99

VENOMWORLD continues in VENOM #12 available in stores and digitally Wednesday, October 26, 2022 from Marvel Comics.


Author: Chad Burdette

Chad lives in upstate New York and has been a lifelong comic book reader and collector. As a result, Chad has many problems, many of which are bagged, boarded and sorted.

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