Comic creators react to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral


Today was the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, held at Westminster Abbey in London, before his coffin was carried through the main streets of England to his burial at Windsor Castle. You may have missed it. Here’s what a bunch of comic creators have been saying on social media, but it looks like the sheen of days of media coverage is starting to come off somewhat.

Rob Williams: “Tickets. Anyone want tickets? Buy and sell tickets.” Touts out in force at the funeral, I see.

Tom Galloway: This has the potential to seriously derail. Monday is the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Monday is also Talk Like A Pirate day.
Of course, that’s what the secondary audio channels (should have been) were designed for….

mike collins: Fascinated by the Busby Berkeley precision of these movements…when the hell did they train for it? And or?!

Jamie Delano: I’ve been a bit sleep deprived recently for various reasons, but funeral music has brought a welcome nap.

Ramzee: I think I’m too arrogant to be a royalist. I don’t greet another human being just because he won the birth contest.

Feff: I think it’s more arrogant to demand deference from others just because you won the birth contest. We are all human at the end of the day, and our actions mean more than the person we were born under!

Ramzee:I’d rather bow to David Beckham lol He’s transplanted since young and gone from England’s most hated man to a national icon. He worked for his status. But bow to Charles? Not today, Satan. Never

Cheryl Lynn Eaton: Boris not combing his hair for the funeral is disrespectful, but that’s not my family so that’s what it is. If I was king, I would have asked someone to dismiss him. He has embarrassed the country enough.

McBee fees: I can’t believe they’re taking the Queen through Staines High Street. It’s nice of him to come see me. She must have known that I’m not in line,

James Gos: I turned on the radio. I had no idea the funeral march really missed a striking baseline. Thoughts and prayers with everyone at the Pleasuredrome Sauna standing solemnly, but proudly, at attention.

Fred Van Lente: Shit, I keep writing *Prince* Charles on my checks

Steven Grant: If life were fair, newspapers and magazines would talk a lot more about Jean-Luc Godard than about Queen Elizabeth…

Kev Hopgood: There really wasn’t enough coverage of the royal funeral in the mainstream media. The BBC in particular really needs to raise its game.

Cheryl Harris: Anne being the one who accompanied her mother on the last trip back to Windsor, I got the better of me.

Chuck Satterlee: I guess… according to the American news channels… the Brits probably don’t have anything but Queen stuff on TV, because it’s not our monarch but it seems be everything on TV here.

Steve Tanner: This is truly an opportunity for the Nation to come together…

Royal reaction

Valerie D’Orazio: Just groggy watching Sky News live coverage of the Queen’s funeral as they interview onlookers along the way. And remember how when my mom did Ancestry dot com her side of the family was unexpectedly like 45% from England and I was like “no”. Whenever I consider a connection I would have to theoretical British ancestry, the first thing that comes to mind is that Lon Chaney Jr. inexplicably plays Claude Rains’ son in “The Wolfman.”

Graeme McMillan: In this time of national mourning in the UK, let’s be grateful for the most important thing: that there hasn’t been a really shitty and sentimental Doctor Who special episode about how the Queen was rushed into the production.

Chris Burnham: The Phantom of the Opera closing after 35 years is our version of the dying queen.

Andy Kouri: This funeral music is literally the intro to “It’s a sin” by the Pet Shop Boys… It’s so depressing to watch because I know my mom is going to call and say that’s exactly how she wants it I’m doing his funeral… I dozed off but the last thing I remember was something about the queen reappearing as a spider crawling on her own coffin.

Wilfredo Torres: RECENT NEWS! The queen is still dead. Live updates as we cover the situation comprehensively 24/7

Mike Collins: Huw says this is the last sight of the Queen on that famous balcony. What waste. She is in a coffin lined with lead. Even Superman couldn’t see through that!

Alex Zalben: [Benoit Blanc locks the doors to England] “now one of you murdered the queen, it’s just a fact. and no one, i mean no one, is going to leave this country until we find out exactly who did the deed.”

If Spurrier: Holy shit, guys, is the queen dead?

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