Captain Carter returns to Marvel Comics with his own series

The recent What if …? animated series star Captain Carter is returning to work – back in the comics – for a new five-issue series starting in March 2022. That’s right, Marvel’s wild multiverse alternate reality super soldier is back.

Captain Carter # 1 cover (Image credit: Jamie McKelvie (Marvel Comics))

Captain Carter will be written by Jamie McKelvie, best known for his work as an artist on titles such as Young Avengers and Captain Marvel, with artistry by Doctor Aphra Mika Cresta.

The story will focus on a version of Captain Carter whose story is slightly more in line with that of Steve Rogers, with the hero frozen in ice at the end of WWII and revived decades later at the time. modern.

“I’m as a fan of Captain Carter who we saw on screen as anyone, so I jumped at the chance to make our own version,” McKelvie said in the Marvel announcement.

“I’m having a great time exploring what it would be like for Peggy to wake up almost 80 years after the war ended,” he continues.

“The world remembers the Captain Carter myth, but for Peggy the reality was only yesterday. Now she finds herself in a new world almost unrecognizable, how does she fit in? Can she be the superhero that people want her to be? “

Oddly enough, the What if …? Captain Carter’s version is actually the second version of Peggy as a super-soldier in Marvel history, which makes it sort of a twist of a variant. The first super-soldier Peggy Carter first appeared in the mobile video game Marvel Puzzle Quest in 2016, before making a cameo appearance in Marvel Comics in 2018. Exiles Title.

McKelvie drew the main cover for Captain Carter # 1 and also drew a design variation. He will be joined by Marvel Animation, Todd Nauck (a “Headshot” variant), Sara Pichelli (a Women’s History Month variant), Declan Shalvey (an Infinity Saga Phase 2 variant) and Jen Bartel (a Carnage Forever a variant). Check out those published so far here:

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Captain Carter # 1 cover

(Image credit: Marvel Animation (Marvel Comics))

Captain Carter # 1 variant blankets

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Captain Carter # 1 cover

(Image credit: Jamie McKelvie (Marvel Comics))

Captain Carter # 1 (of 5) will go on sale on March 9, 2022.

It has a different paint job, but it’s still Captain America’s shield. Read on origins and history of the iconic Marvel symbol.

Lisa M. Horner