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Toons and Anime are undoubtedly becoming bigger players in the comics market and you shouldn’t neglect collecting them. So this week we’re doing the best investing toons and anime comics. More and more people are now allocating their money beyond action figures and Funko Pops into this category and you should take note. The Dragon Ball Z comics, for example, took a huge leap forward this year. Let’s see what we recommend. If you have any Toons or Anime Comics suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

Please also see the YouTube video link at the bottom of the article for Erod212’s take on all the choices made and to see his recommendation for Top 10 Toons and Anime Comics.

*Choice Criteria: “Back 9 panel members will choose a comic book, comic book set, magazine, trade paperback, pulp or graphic novel for their personal favorite choice.”

**Choices are not in rank order.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #34 1st Dinosaur Devin

Moon Girl’s Inhuman Power is the ability to swap bodies with Devil Dinosaur. She obviously finds it super annoying and tries to use technology to prevent it. Instead of succeeding, the device transforms Devil Dinosaur into a human boy nicknamed “Devin”. Like the rest of the Moon Girl stories, this one is funny, adorable, and super easy to adapt into a cartoon. Those looking to invest in Moon Girl, but find themselves out of her first appearance, may want to consider minor touches like this whose full potential the market doesn’t seem to have recognized. –Jack Kornblatt

Magic #1 Ashcan 1st Magic in Boom Comics

When the Magic the Gathering series finally hits Netflix, there will be renewed interest in all things Magic the Gathering. This will include the Boom’s Magic books, which have done a great job of honoring tradition and telling their own story. It’s rarely a bad idea to invest in good storytelling, especially for the first issue of a beloved property with a TV show just around the corner. –Jack Kornblatt

Thundercats #1 1st Thundercats

A movie is coming from the guy who made Godzilla a hit on screen, and some really cool new figs have gotten fans excited lately. – Toper

Transformers #1 1st transformers

This property produces a lot of films. If they can find more success with the latest Bumblebee movie, then that’s a lot more optimism going forward. –Ali

G.I. Joe #21 1st Shadow Storm

Bad movie aside, arguably the most sought after GI Joe book. –Ali

Scooby Doo #1 1st Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma

A classic cartoon that has passed through so many generations. This book should be on everyone’s list. –Terry Hoknes

Spongebob Comic #1 1st Spongebob Squarepants

Even at $400 for a 9.8, it’s still underpriced. We never see it on sale and it is THE cartoon of a whole generation. When they hit their thirties in a few years, they’ll be looking for it. –Stein

Gargoyles #1 1st Gargoyles

I’ll take gargoyles. I love this cartoon. While Marvel #1 is getting all the attention, don’t sleep on the Slave Labor Graphics issues that came a bit later. Additionally, they are returning to comics which again could boost their visibility. The same could be said for Darkwing Duck. So many awesome variations out there. –Peter Renna

The Teen Titans go #1 1st Teen Titans Go

I draw a bit of a vacuum on the animated stuff. I’m thinking Teen Titans Go #1 for sure or if you like Cold Keys #23 with Red X. Possibly the very rare Teen Titans Go Sneak Preview that probably only 3 people know about. –Steve Horn

Ramna 1/2 #1 1st Ranma 1/2

I’ll take care of this one. My choice goes to Ranma 1/2 #1. Viz released several animated comics in the late 90s and early 2000s, and while DBZ might get all the attention, don’t sleep on Ranma! The story of a teenager who changes sex based on water temperature has garnered many fans over the decades. The Ranma series has multiple parts, so you’ll want to dig for Ramma 1/2 Part One #1. –Josias Ocampo

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