Avengers writer Jason Aaron teases new Marvel Comics mystery series to be announced

Jason Aaron has said he’s working on a mystery comic book series for Marvel. This is in addition to its current Avengers series, the upcoming Avengers Forever series, and the King Conan limited series. He revealed the fourth by recounting his plans in his newsletter.

“So that’s going to be three Marvel series for me as we head into the new year, with a fourth series yet to be announced,” Aaron writes. “And that is in addition to… I’m going to say four different series owned by creators that are currently coming from the noggin garden, at different stages of the completion of their growth cycle.”

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The writer offers no details on what this “fourth series” is at Marvel, other than that it is a series and not a one-shot like his. Marvel Legacy # 1 delivered. But that still leaves endless possibilities with anything from a new series for Marvel’s space trucker US-1 (we would agree, and Aaron is a recognized fan), to a third Avengers title (he has some. already two) or maybe even a life size Avengers vs. X-Men type event, which Marvel seems to be setting the stage for in recent years. We even asked Aaron about this possibility a while back.

“We have seen such a profound shift and shift in terms of the X-Men’s place in the Marvel Universe,” Aaron told Newsarama in February 2020. “I think you need to know that the change is going to be reflected not only in every X-book as we’ve seen, but it’s going to bleed all over the Marvel Universe at one point or another.”

Another option could be a Jason Aaron / Donny Cates team. Earlier, Aaron told Newsarama it wasn’t about if corn when it happens.

“We’ve talked about it a few times, it’s just something that hasn’t quite moved on the schedule yet”, Aaron said in January 2021. “But it’s definitely something that interests us both when everything aligns.”

Then again, the Aaron / Cates tag team could be one of those “four series from different creators” that he mentions. Cates serializes his new creator-owned comics on Substack, and the Aaron newsletter that everything comes from is coincidentally also on Substack.

Stay tuned for more on these mysterious projects.

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